In 4 thematic sessions, 20 papers will be presented on Septmber 7th.  As they become available, you can download brief summaries of each paper by clicking on the titles below:

Session #1: Biodiversity Without Borders: Conserving Urban Nature Within – and Beyond – Protected Areas

Connecting Human and Natural Communities in our Cities: Strategies to Engage People in Parks, Natural Areas and Stewardship (Greg Moore)

The City of Cape Town surrounding the Table Mountain National Park: An historical reflection of the evolving relationship between an urban settlement and ecological processes (P.M. Anderson and P.J. O’Farrell)

Urban planning’s contribution to conservation of natural protected areas: the views of communities living in the interface between urban settlements and a natural world heritage area (Adrienne F Keane)

Les aires protégées du Souss entre mitage et constitution d’étendards identitaires (David Goeury)

The Fiocruz Atlantic Forest Campus and the Growth Acceleration Program (GAP) of Juliano Moreira Colony: the incorporation of sustainability principles into an integrated planning proposal in the buffer zone of a protected area, the Pedra Branca State Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Luis Carlos Soares Madeira Domingues, Cecilia Benites and Claudison Rodrigues)

Session #2: Whose Areas: Conflicts & Dialogues in and around Urban Protected Areas

Des usages légitime du Parc National des Calanques (Valérie Deldrève and Ludovic Ginelli)

Des parcs nationaux pour gérer la biodiversité aux portes des capitales ? Les cas des projets de création du parc national de Fontainebleau (France) et du parc national de la Gatineau (Ottawa, Canada) (Nathalie Lahaye)

Entrenubes: Protected or Built Nature? – A Brief History Of An Urban Ecological Park, Bogotá, Colombia (Germán Andrés Quimbayo Ruiz)

Quel avenir pour les aires protégées de l’Extrême-Nord Cameroun face à la demande en énergie domestique de la ville de Maroua ? Analyse des relations villes/espaces protégés en milieu soudano-sahélien en pleine mutation (Gervais Wafo Tabopda)

Le Patrimoine mondial: entre justice et exclusion – De Table Mountain National Park à Constantia, patrimonialiser pour qui? (Nadia Belaidi,  Sylvain Guyot and  Julien Dellier)

Session #3: Governance for Cities and Protected Areas

La métropole lilloise et son agriculture : une gouvernance partagée des espaces périurbains. Les exemples des parcs de la Deûle et du Val de Marque (Nicolas Rouget)

A call for urban lighting governance in the vicinity of protected areas (C. Aubrecht, M. Jaiteth, A. de Sherbinin, T. Longcore and C. Elvidge)

The benefits of natural areas on urban areas by recognizing the ecosystem services: a strategy to link the protection of natural areas to urban settings (Francisco de la Barrera and Darío Moreira)

Long-term sustainability of “real nature” adjacent to a world-class metropolis: Case Study of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Los Angeles, California (Rorie Skei)

Session #4: Protecting Areas – What future for this conservation strategy in urban settings?

Managing Sustainable – Protected – Area in Urban Environment: Observations From Pallikaranai Marsh Lands of Chennai, India (M.Sakthivel, P.K. Senthilkumari, J.Priyadharshini and R. Shobana Leena)

Biodiversity Security in the Kano Emir’s Palace Gardens: Explanations on Variety, Mystery and Reality (Aliyu Salisu Barau)

Nature conservation patterns in Swedish urban landscapes (S. Borgström, R. Lindborg and T. Elmqvist)

Biodiversité et urbanité : conserver la nature urbaine dans et au-delà des aires protégées (Aubin Agnissan)

Nature industrielle, espace protégé urbain : le dépassement des oxymores (Samuel Depraz)

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